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What started with a vision 6 years ago has now turned into a worldwide brand with 30000sqft of dedicated manufacturing space. We began in 2015 with just 4 people on board. Today we are a robust global business with around 200+ employees. Over the years, we have always remained focused on our clients, operational excellence and supporting the market’s changing needs.

Experience with over 20 years

We achieved it through customer satisfaction by providing exceptional quality products & a prompt service experience. we have developed solutions for every household’s needs.
Leadership that is unparalleled, Innovation that is unmatched, Air cooling expertise that is unrivalled, This makes our air cooler company.

At Abtron, research and development and engineering technology is a sustainable competitive advantage. The company delivers market-leading products that comprise of design innovation, energy efficiency, distinctive styling, and customer-centricity.

Real professionals, highly skilled in what they deliver. We are fortunate to be partnering with Abtron for our production requirements. Always focused on operational excellence and the evolving needs of their clients. Keep raising the bar!

Vewtron Coolers

Highly impressed with their production skills. Always Innovative, updated with the latest range of products, offer competitive pricing and exceed our expectations. It’s always been a pleasure working with Abtron. Keep Shining !

Belton Coolers

Very clear on their capabilities and our needs, always stick to their commitments, ensure all our requirements are met and never fail to deliver value to further improve the final product.
Wish you all the best!

Somany Coolers

Why Choose Us?

10+ years of Production Expertise

30000sqft of manufacturing space

State of the art Innovation & Unrivalled Expertise

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